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Halloween Game Ideas?

Posted by Jindo - October 10th, 2007

So the other I set out to work on a game for Halloween, obviously I'm pushed for time with exactly 3 weeks to finish it (Just like last year :D!).

The engine is at the bottom for people to try out, its similar to my Agnry Faic game, you can carve into the pumpkin to form faces and such.

I did also hear that there is a shortage in pumpkins this year, so maybe base the idea around that?.

As far as other parts of the game are going, ImperfectDisciple Already started on a song for the game, which is sounding very eerie so far :)!

You can listen to that here!


Aside from the Halloween game, I actually won something out of the Armor Games contest! 3rd highest scoring game of September, and $1000 ;D.

I'm really pleased with how Agnry Faic Lift turned out, there wasn't really an excuse with the 2 months I waited for a sponsor reply, but yeah, all in all, I'm impressed with how it turned out :).


That's all, you can play the engine here:


(Don't forget to give me some ideas ;)).

Halloween Game Ideas?

Comments (2)

that was really cool! i especially liked the bouncing particles when you cut out the face.

the only thing i think though is that sometimes you can see the below layer when you shouldnt (you can see what i mean if you try to draw jaggedy mouth) another thing that would make it look better (well in my opinion) is having a shadow on the wooden area where the pumpkin is sitting that mirrors what you have drawn (how to code i have no clue but i reckon it couldn't be that difficult) i say good luck this halloween

Thanks for the comments, glad you like it :).

It might be possible, but the shadow might be too difficult for me xP, even then, the lighting would make it look out of place ;).

And I'm not too sure what you mean about seeing below the layer D:.

Again, thanks for the comments :)! Be sure to check out the song ;).

About to post an update, I think I've fixed what you mentioned :).

The drawing system is slightly different ;).