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Hilarious ;P

I wonder if anyone actually figured out what that was a reference to ;P.

Good job, keep it up ^_^!


Better than the first one ;D.

Keep it up!

The-Swain responds:

Hurray, that makes me happier to hear than I can describe :)

Excellent and Original!

I've seen things like it, but this really is nicely done, you made excellent use of your webcam ;).

Very awesome job on this, some great effects and animation as well.

Keep it up :)!

The menu's cool too ;).

BritishMoose responds:

Cheers Jindo. I'll make sure to do you proud next time <3

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Very solid game, the difficulty progression was fine and the hidden chests weren't too obvious or too difficult to locate.

The one flaw I found in the excellent level design was the moving platforms, there were no walls or indicators to show when they would switch direction which made puzzles involving traversing those fairly annoying.

Secondly, the sound and music was nice although I don't think it really fit the pixel-visual theme you went for. The evil laugh in particular whenever the rooms went dark or the mimic chest I found, sounded more comical than anything, but maybe that was what you were going for.

Lastly I was a little confused by the game telling me to press R to restart an entire level when I could just press C to return to my last checkpoint, presumably R is intended for when you get stuck but even then I wouldn't expect it to take me back to the very beginning of a level.

Despite these gripes, the game itself is excellent, the controls are fine, it plays fine, and the challenges and general concept of navigating in the dark was handled perfectly so that it was never frustrating to figure out my way.

Excellent work!


Provided that you aren't easily offended by a vulgar AI, this is a fantastic text-based game. The problems and puzzles faced are challenging without being too vague or having not-so-obvious solutions.

This game was a little bit easy once you got in to it and it didn't last very long, but by no means does that make this a bad game, it is excellent for what it is!

My only real point for improving regarding the functionality would be the segment with the box, granted the help text clearly says that you can enter things, I first tried a number of actions such as 'climb in to' or 'get in to' in an attempt to get inside the box. Apart from this, I was more than satisfied with the game's ability to understand my commands.

Great work, I hope to see more from you!


This looked more like a graphical experiment, but either way, the game play was nice and the graphics are amazing, I loved the use of a foreground, the style of everything just fitted together perfectly.

Excellent job as always, keep it up :)!

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Crash Bandicoot Ftw

Very nice remake :).

Interesting one!

Nice, original tune, different beat (which flows nicely), overall you've done a nice job :).

Keep it up!

Retribelf responds:

Thank you mate! I'm working on a totally different track than this one at the moment ;) Hope it will be just as great ^^

Very nice :).

I think I've heard this before, I like to search for JJ2 remakes ;O.

Be sure to check out my other remakes (not so many good ones but I'm relatively pleased with them).

Thanks for showing me this, keep it up :D!

TheDevilZ responds:

will do, and thanks for the review! :D

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This is stunning, I love the colours!

Fantastic work!

Great pose

Absolutely love this one, great work!

Very cool

Loving this style!

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