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Crash Bandicoot Ftw

Very nice remake :).

Interesting one!

Nice, original tune, different beat (which flows nicely), overall you've done a nice job :).

Keep it up!

Retribelf responds:

Thank you mate! I'm working on a totally different track than this one at the moment ;) Hope it will be just as great ^^

Very nice :).

I think I've heard this before, I like to search for JJ2 remakes ;O.

Be sure to check out my other remakes (not so many good ones but I'm relatively pleased with them).

Thanks for showing me this, keep it up :D!

TheDevilZ responds:

will do, and thanks for the review! :D

I like it :D

Perhaps I should use this in the Zombie Game somewhere as well, it seems to fit the dark atmosphere. That aside, it does generally sound depressingly ambient without being too dull, good job on that :D.

Keep it up as always!

ImperfectDisciple responds:

Thanks! I'm surprised this ambient piece got the attention it did; I wrote this on a whim, and a good whim doesn't happen that often :P


;O Nobody tells me anything anymore D:

I was not told of this at all D:, really would have liked to know that you completed it D;.

Though I can see now why you wanted the game to become a Madness Zombie game ;O.

Excellent work on the song as always though, amazing job, keep it up :).

ImperfectDisciple responds:

Haha, sorry, I was so focused on getting it done, that I forgot to remind you about the song!!! After that, I tried to find you online, but that didn't work out, oh well!

-Thank you for the review ;)


I love this!

One of my older projects that died could use some tracks like this when I revive it ;O.

Keep up the epic work!

ImperfectDisciple responds:

lol, thanks!



Another amazin piece, good work :D!

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

<3 Jindo!!

I liked it.

Interesting build up, nice tunes too :D.

My only issue with this would be the sounds, they're prolly not presets, but I can tell that you've used the FL Slayer and possibly the BooBass, nothing wrong with them, just that they don't sound as nice as other synths.

Still, awesome job, keep it up :D!

Darthfett responds:

Well I only use FL Slayer, because I have no alternative. I really wish I had another guitar, but I'm stuck with Slayer for now.

The bass is layered, though one of the layers IS BooBass.

I never use presets anymore, unless it's with a synthesizer I don't understand, like Sytrus. I'm starting to get the hang of 3xOSC though, thanks to MrMilkCarton!

Thanks for the review!


So I'm a huge JJR fan so naturally I love this song ;P.

Great remix, awesome job!

Nice over

Good job on this cover ;P, I don't know the original song so I can't compare too much, but I like this version :)!

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