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Jindo's News

Posted by Jindo - November 20th, 2007

Firstly, has anybody else here ever seen or heard of that Japanese Gameshow known as the Sasuke course (or 'Ninja Warrior' to the US and UK)?

If not, you might wanna read-up (But you don't necessarily need to do understand the concept of the game I'm working on):

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sasuke_%2 8TV_series%29

Sasuke (%u30B5%u30B9%u30B1, Sasuke? romanized in Japan as SASUKE) is a Japanese sports entertainment television special that airs on the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) between Japanese television drama seasons and consists of a competition in which 100 competitors attempt to complete four obstacle course stages. Each 3-hour special covers an entire competition, and there have been 19 specials, approximately one new special per season, since Sept 26, 1997. The show is produced by Monster9 [2] and is one of the spin-offs of Muscle Ranking (%u7B4B%u8089%u756A%u4ED8, Kinniku Banzuke?), another sports entertainment competition. Until the 10th Competition, Sasuke was broadcast as a special part of the Muscle Ranking series but became an independent program when the Muscle Ranking series was discontinued. The 1st Competition in 1997 was held indoors, marking the only time Sasuke did not take place outside.

There have also been several programs related to Sasuke. Kunoichi, the women's version of Sasuke, is composed mostly of obstacles that require balance and agility rather than upper body strength. There have also been special competitions for children and the elderly.

Through an interview or audition as well as trial rounds to test physical ability, the field of applicants is narrowed to 100 who will be allowed to compete in the 1st Stage. Sasuke consists of four stages the competitors must complete. The stages increase in difficulty, and depending on the course set up, the third or second stages may not be timed. For the purposes of fairness, in the 18th competition, a 1200-meter run was held before the event. This run also determined the competitors' numbers. Each competition is taped prior to the air date and broadcast as a 3-hour show edited for time.


So anyway, my game, Ninja Gamer (subject to change), is pretty much similar to Ninja Warrior, only it focuses solely on your gaming skill, and will most likely be a challenge even for the hard-core gamers out there :P.

Like Sasuke (Ninja Warrior), there will be 4 stages to test your skills. So far, I've fully planned out the first stage, but my general idea towards the game will be like so:

Stage 1 - Mouse-Based Realm (Cursor Corridor)

6 mouse-based obstacles with a 37* second time-limit.

Stage 2 - Keyboard-Based Realm (NoNameYet**)

So far, I've planned 2 obstacles, but of course, there will be more, they're both keyboard-based and the par time-limit is 13 seconds at the moment.

Stage 3 - Boss Realm (NoNameYet)

A series of bosses await you, they're all of different styles in different types of gameplay, it's purely up to your ability to figure out a game without the use of instructions to defeat these bosses.

Stage 4 - ???

I've barely planned this one yet, all I can say is it will be easy enough to NOT be annoyingly hard, and hard enough to NOT be too easy xP.

* - The times are not yet definite, when I get a chance to test the obstacles as I make them, I'll decide on the final times then, they may be much MUCH shorter xP

** - Name suggestions are welcome, I was thinking of calling this particular stage 'The Hallway of Hands', but yeah.. >_> <_<..


And so far, what I have for stage 1 (The par times mean nothing, just a rough-idea of how quickly you'll need to beat the obstacle to succeed, but you can go slowly on one and really quickly on another, as long as you beat the stage in under the over-all time limit):

Mouse Avoider - PAR 0:05

A simple mouse avoider; Simple, yet difficult. If you don't know what these are, a mouse avoider is a small "maze" or path-way in which you must keep your mouse inside without touching ANYTHING other than the start or the exit.

Failure to do so will result in a loss xP (All losses mean that you lose the contest, even if you fail at the end of stage 3, you will have to go all the way back to the start to try again).

Ball Grabber (subject to change) - PAR 0:10

A small mini-game in which you must catch all 3 balls as they drop and drag them into a box, if you drop or miss one, and it goes off-screen, you lose!

Button Smasher - PAR 0:10

A much harder mouse avoider with more obstacles, and something blocking off the exit, you must hit 3 switches along the way to unblock the path.

Balance Bridge - PAR 0:02

An easy EASY mouse avoider where the path moves from left to right, and the exit with it.

Pulse Avoider - PAR 0:05

A spiralesque mouse avoider with 4 buttons, you must hit them all to proceed to the next obstacle, but a cannon fires objects at you every 1-2 seconds, the objects will move swiftly into your direction and pause for a split second and continue this pattern in an attempt to hit you.

Final Spin - PAR 0:10

You must click and drag a round object in a circular motion to bring a box holding the exit down, once it reaches the ground, you use a small gap that leads to it to get to it and complete stage 1.


Just an idea I had, I'll see how it goes as I progress with it.

Any and all suggestions for the unplanned parts of the game are welcome :).

Posted by Jindo - October 28th, 2007

So I've had the feeling lately that some users on NG vote on movies/games without playing, which doesn't bother me too much, unless they vote 0 without any proof that it actually sucks..

But when people are stupid enough to review when something is obviously not working, it really annoys the hell out of me..

Mesmemarble 2

2 people said the game was awesome, look at the other reviews.

And yes, they're true, I tried the game and it doesn't work..

WHY!? You don't even earn anything from reviewing.. So why pretend you've seen the movie/played the game, right?...


In other news, the Halloween Game Collab 07 was released, my part was much different to the screeny in my previous news post :P.

The objective of my game is to reach the top of both castles, level 1 is slow and filled with candy, level 2 is faster with no candy, you must kill yourself after this xP.

Although we've got a lot of harsh reviews, and some dumbass who flamed me directly for almost no reason (He also voted lowly on the game solely because of my review), I think we all did pretty well considering our time limit :).

It's on the NG Front page, or has been, so go check it out if you get time, I'm too lazy to get the link :D!

Posted by Jindo - October 15th, 2007

Well, alot of people may have noticed that Rhythm Game Prodigy, Coolio-Niato started a Halloween Game Collab :3!

I figured I'm not getting any awesome ideas for anything that I can make into a full game for halloween, so I decided to step in a make a mini-game for this :)!

The main concept atm is, you're a ghost flying through an endless corridor, with large holes and objects in your way, you must get around these objects quickly, but every so often, things get faster, and the game will become harder until eventually you fall into a hole or smash into an object.

No preview yet, maybe when I've got some obstacles xP, but here's a screeny of the kickass lil' ghost :P.

Coolio's Halloween Game Collab!

Posted by Jindo - October 10th, 2007

So the other I set out to work on a game for Halloween, obviously I'm pushed for time with exactly 3 weeks to finish it (Just like last year :D!).

The engine is at the bottom for people to try out, its similar to my Agnry Faic game, you can carve into the pumpkin to form faces and such.

I did also hear that there is a shortage in pumpkins this year, so maybe base the idea around that?.

As far as other parts of the game are going, ImperfectDisciple Already started on a song for the game, which is sounding very eerie so far :)!

You can listen to that here!


Aside from the Halloween game, I actually won something out of the Armor Games contest! 3rd highest scoring game of September, and $1000 ;D.

I'm really pleased with how Agnry Faic Lift turned out, there wasn't really an excuse with the 2 months I waited for a sponsor reply, but yeah, all in all, I'm impressed with how it turned out :).


That's all, you can play the engine here:


(Don't forget to give me some ideas ;)).

Halloween Game Ideas?

Posted by Jindo - September 13th, 2007

That's right, I finally finished it :D!!

Go play it now!


Agnry Faic Lift is OUT!

Posted by Jindo - September 4th, 2007

They are getting fucking ridiculous.. I just went on a cartoon and the first 5 reviews were ALL the same Teddy Chain Mail...

Either someone's trying to piss everyone off, or NG is getting wimpier and more crowded by this gullible douche-bags -_-..

My message to you dumbass faggots:

There is no teddy, you're not going to die just because of some stupid chain mail, I've read them like 50 times now because of you dipshits and I'm getting sick of them..

Do you see world population going down increasingly? Me neither, fucking cowards..

That's pretty much it.. any suggestions to get rid of them completely? -_-

Also: Go talk to Flecko on his page :P.


EDIT: Figured I'd add a bunch of stuff about my site.. >: )..

Its now completely finished in every way possible, thanks (again) to SmithS9, look him up if you're looking for web design, he's amazing :)!


As far as my gallery goes, I added a new category for my all submissions to this contest called the IEC (Image Editing Contest), where you must edit a picture, making it as funny as you can, you can view the edits here:

http://www.topaz-games.com/gallery.php ?cat=16

I've also got a new (not as good, but simpler) forum, it really fits the current site design :).

Chain Mails

Posted by Jindo - August 23rd, 2007

I figured I'd attempt to cover 6 things related to the stuff I'm working on.. xP

My Site

My site is coming close to finished, Smith has done an excellent job of putting (and making) everything together :)!

It'll feature a Gallery, Games Page, News Page and over-time, other stuff for people to veiw ;).

for now, check out this nice spade!

This Site

With the new Skin Ads that have been added to the new Flashes, I thought I'd take a look at the sexy background, which turned out to take me to the NG Wallpapers page, and I was seriously impressed.

Most of you may've seen them, but for those who haven't, I URGE you to check them out!:

http://www.newgrounds.com/downloads/wa llpapers/

Game - Angry Face Lift

I'm So Close to finishing it, I finally have a sponsor (Hall Pass) and all that's left is to discuss sponsorship terms with them, after that, I'll pretty much be ready to send this off to the Portal :).

http://www.topaz-games.com/upload/angr y

Audio - Beat

So another 10 minutes of my time was wasted making a new song which will prolly score better than my games and get far fewer reviews =P, still, its worth putting here, even though no one visits this page :).

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /93436

It was (badly) based off a song I heard off PieChoons (Break by Peabo), still, I like how it turned out :).

Madness Day!?

Looks like I might give it a shot, but then I might not, its a tricky thing to base a game off (which is ironic, since the theme is pretty much VG Styled), I'll attempt something though..

Other Madness stuff? I sketched some stuff on Paper, view it here:

< Bringing me onto the next subject:


So, anyone not know about Denvish's uploader being taken down due to exceeding popularity?

www.ngup.net is the replacement, and a very awesome one at that :).

NGUP was created by atomic-noodle and blah569 as a replacement For Denvish's uploader. The closing of his uploader caused an uprising of many people racing to replace his uploader.

The uploader allows 7mb of space, and .fla, .swf, .mp3, .wav, .png, .jpg, .gif, .txt, and .zip\.rar can be uploaded. The uploader was meant for the newgrounds.com community but feel free to use it even if you are not a ng user.

Happy 2007 everyone!?

Posted by Jindo - August 20th, 2007

Firstly, My forum got hacked by some douche bag, I've taken the forum down for now. vBulletin was supposed to be secure =P...

The site's now being improved, there's going to be a gallery and games page along with a few other things.


I've put all my other projects aside to finish my Angry Face Tribute, in which you must paint 12 faces on AgnryFaic, there're 3 modes, one of which is unlocked by painting 3 faces.

Other unlockables include:

Wallpaper - 6 faces - A wallpaper for your computer, at 3 different sizes.
Screensaver - 9 faces - A 1024x768 screensaver featuring a head-banging AgnryFaic.
Mask - 12 (all) faces - A printable mask which you tie some string around and attach to your face (still working on it).

Alot of people seem to like it so far, you can skip to the bottom of this "article" to test it, please coment on any bugs and give feed-back on the audio, which was created by ImperfectDisciple.

Some thingsyou should know:

~ Free Play Mode is already unlocked, this is a preview for you guys to try out, it will be locked in the actual game ;).

~ The score boards will be reset when I release the game, so don't get to obcessed just yet :P.



Posted by Jindo - August 6th, 2007

Firstly, an easter egg my friend found on the BBS, roll over an Agnry Faic to find it ;).

Secondly, A friend from TPG, TH.net and GH agreed to making flashy new banner for my blog page thing, its right up there ^.

Thirdly, I made 2 new songs, an earsplitting loop, and a tetris remake, they can be found under my Latest Audio just below.

Fourthly, a list of projects:
Spectrum Avoider - A Sound Based Mouse Avoider

Epic Battle - A prelude for my RPG in which you star one of the characters in a huge turn-based battle to try and take out a villain.

Bob's Escape 2 - The sequal to Bob's Escape, it has been sort of worked on occasionally by me and Mase and I.

Various Particle Effects - I'm just practicing stuff, but you can view my first one on the link below:

http://denvish.net/ulf/060807/60283_le afs.php


That's pretty much all, check out Topaz Games, we need members and arcade gamers (and people willing to make games for the arcade).

Posted by Jindo - August 1st, 2007

Topaz Games Forum Arcade is in need of more arcade mini-games!

If you have a nice mini-game you'd like to get into the arcade, you just need to make one small adjustment to the code to make it work with the arcade:

var gscore = your_score_var; // This is the variable which is sent to the High Scores
var gname = "gname_var"; //This is the variable I need to upload the game to the arcade. Please keep it one word in all lowercase.
getURL("index.php?act=Arcade&do=newsco re", "_self", "POST"); // This sends the score to the arcade.

That's all, from there, all I need is a link to the SWF and the Gname variable.

You can add as many credits or links to your site as you like, think of this as a way to get more recognition for your work :).