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Jindo's News

Posted by Jindo - February 6th, 2010

It's been almost half a year since I've posted anything here D:

Well my previous game "IWBTOG" (now called 'Greg Can Jump') has finally been released, although there were plenty of bugs that appeared out of nowhere, which was a pain to deal with.


My new game (codenamed 'Vertigo') has been under way for a few months now, I'm about 56-ish levels in to it (out of 80)

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is yet another platformer, in which you play as a llama in his quest to return home (Llama Land); you live in a world where your center of gravity can be altered, giving you the power to walk on ground and ceiling. You must search your way through 8 unique worlds - each containing 10 hand-drawn levels - in order to return home and win the game.

Primary Features

As mentioned, the game will be 80 levels long, and is pretty much another platformer, but the player can switch between walking on ground and walking on ceiling as they choose. Various statistics such as time, coins, deaths and switches are all recorded for each individual world and medals are awarded for outstanding times + switches.

Other Features

Each World will present the player with a different powerup, followed by a set of levels which challenge the player's ability to use it. For example: World 1 gives you the ability to shoot lasers, which is used for killing enemies that can't be stomped on. World 2 grants you double-jump (self explanatory) and World 3 grants you double-switch which lets you switch twice in mid-air rather than once, reducing your limitations greatly.

Upon beating the final world, trophies will become accessible (1 per world) and will require you to find them in a particular way (without dying/killing/timed etc). Once you've beaten the game you can also go back and attempt to collect all of the gold medals, coins, and minimize your death count to 0 on each world.

Various items (primarily hats + other items of clothing) will also be obtainable through collecting medals, and possibly bonus worlds.


This is all from me for now, here is a video containing the soundtrack to Worlds 1 and 3:

/* */


Posted by Jindo - July 11th, 2009

Started this in April this year (Operation Mayhold died btw) and it's just about finished, all I need now is to find a sponsor (hoping that anyone is at all interested).

While you wait, here's a level editor for this game:

http://labs.topaz-games.com/iwbtog/lev elEditTest.html

And a nice difficult level to get you started:

o:1|a:11|s:1|b:3|a:1|b:4|s:2|o:1|s:1|a :6|b:5|a:1|b:1|c:2|b:6|a:3|b:3|c:4|a:1 |b:1|s:1|o:1|c:3|b:3|s:1|b:3|c:2|o:1|s :1|o:1|a:2|b:3|s:3|c:2|b:3|c:2|o:1|s:1 |b:3|a:2|c:2|b:4|s:2|c:3|s:2|b:5|a:2|s :1|o:1|c:3|b:3|s:3|b:3|c:3|b:1|a:2|b:2 |s:3|c:2|b:5|c:2|s:3|b:1|a:2|b:5|s:2|c :5|s:2|b:4|a:2|b:1|c:3|b:3|s:5|b:3|c:3 |a:2|b:1|s:3|c:2|b:7|c:2|s:1|o:1|s:1|a :2|b:4|s:2|c:7|s:2|b:3|a:2|s:1|b:5|s:6 |b:6|a:2|c:4|s:1|b:9|c:2|b:2|a:2|s:3|o :1|c:10|s:2|c:1|b:1|a:2|b:4|s:10|b:2|s :1|b:1|a:2|b:18|a:2|c:18|a:2


Posted by Jindo - August 15th, 2008

I've been working hard on developing weapons for the zombie game.

/* */
"High Quality" with Annotations

The video gives a preview of 6 of the growing 16 weapons in action, there's also a sample of the first track by ImperfectDisciple titled "Zombie's Didn't Exist Until Now" :D.

Latest Interactive Preview (14 Weapons)

Selecting Weapons

Choose a category (1 of the 5 boxes with weapons in them), the rectangle below will change to show weapons for that category.

Pick a weapon from the rectangle.

Click the "Use" button to equip it.

Once you've equipped what you want, hit SPACE and start frying some zombies.

Using the Weapon Tester

1-5 to select weapons.

Mouse to aim and shoot.

R to reload.

Z and M to spawn zombies.

Points for figuring out how to use the trigger gun (without watching the video)


The game is coming together much quicker now and I hope to have it finished with in the coming weeks/months (depending on whether or not things get any less busier than they currently are...)

Posted by Jindo - July 19th, 2008

Another preview right here:

http://img529.imageshack.us/my.php?ima ge=unzgge0.swf

This basically shows the preloader, intro and menu.

The menu has no working buttons yet, but it features the video that I showed in my previous post, the video will be replace by a montage of videos of actual game-play, which will be in black/white with the same music ;D.

I'm also working on the character designs and the weapons (which a friend has gone and designed most of for me ;P).

More on the character design, alot of people asked about the blue box, some people asked if it was seriously the character, others wanted it to be, so I decided to leave it as an optional character choice =P.

That's about all with this game so far.

Posted by Jindo - May 7th, 2008

So I'm working on zombie game now, a side-scroller zombie game which is set in different mini-games, in which you have a time limit to perform a task, whether it is to gather supplies, drive a vehicle, or protect your ass.

There is also an added twist to this game, being that you, the player, can only see what's in your line of sight, or "vision" ;P.

At the moment, I'm currently designing all the different levels, I'm aiming for a very creepy, abandoned feel for all levels, I've also got prototype animations and AI for a basic zombie, and prototype AI for the player (no design for him yet).

Version History:


/* */
Comments and opinions on the graphics are greatly appreciated.

Posted by Jindo - April 17th, 2008

Redoing the level editor a 3rd time, so if you're here and interested in the game, then yeah:

Everything is fine up to the test game part, I keep thinking of just not including this feature since it seems to bugger up the level editor, however I script it.

The problem is it's a pretty important feature, as I don't want people to get level codes until they've proved the level is possible, which they must do by beating the level themself.

It caused problems for a few months now :).

I decided to embed the preview into the post this time, thanks to Rob for implementing this awesome new feature :D!

/* */
Music by Soundshifter.

Posted by Jindo - March 22nd, 2008

A video preview of Warp Avoider:

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=10B2FrpN QPE

As for the level editor, the major glitch might not be fixable, so I may just redo parts of the level editor :P.

Posted by Jindo - February 24th, 2008

I started an engine for a game some time ago, titled 'Warp Avoider'.

In this game, you must get from a start to an exit, by directing a robotic device through a series of warps and levels.

Each level has 2 dimensions, the regular and the parallel, you will face dead-ends in the regular dimension which will require you to warp to a parallel dimension, and vice-versa.

There are also varied AI enemies that will try to block you or stop you from advancing.

To Do
~ More Objects and Obstacles (open to ideas)
~ 80+ Levels out of the 100+ I plan on having
~ Advanced Levels
~ Challenges
~ Achievements
~ Music and Sound Effects
~ Finish the Level Editor (a more user-friendly GUI for public use)


I'll be releasing the level editor some time soon, when I've added all the mandatory obstacles, once it's out, I'm counting on you to help make as many levels as you can :)!

For now, here's a pretty picture of the game:

Warp Avoider - Level Editor Coming Soon

Posted by Jindo - January 29th, 2008

My next game should be released soon, once I've added the music and found a sponsor anyway.

Ogotu is a very unique puzzle game in which you drag and drop blocks to assist a stickman known as an 'Ogotu' through over 42 levels.

There are a few teasers at the bottom if you're interested ;).

That's about it, my computer has been broken for 2 months, and in that time, I started and almost finished work on this game using Flash 8.

But now I'm about to get Flash and PS CS3 back, the first thing I'm going to do is hurry the hell up and finish the graphics for an awesome game that Alphabit started working on so long ago. Hell, I've kept him waiting so long, I'll do it for free (he was originally planning on paying).

And now that I've got CS3 back, once all of my projects are out of the way, my future games will be scripted in AS3, to help me learn the language better, and so that I can make use of some of the awesome new features :D.

Ninja Gamer will also resume now that I'm back with Photoshop (I surprisingly needed it for the Stage 3 that I got up to...)

EDIT: Music for Ogotu can now be found here:

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /120616

Major kudos to ImperfectDisciple for the awesome audio :D!

Anyway, that's all I've got to say on anything, here's a screenshot(s):

Ogotu - Just About Finished

Posted by Jindo - December 2nd, 2007

Well I'm pissed off that my front-page posting ability is gone, I don't understand why :S...

Anyway, Stage 1 is finished and ready for testing, I wanna know what kind of time you're left with:

http://www.topaz-games.com/upload/ninj agama.html

(If that doesn't work, then use:

http://www.topaz-games.com/upload/ninj agama2.html

Training Button does not yet work.

Anyway, here're the obstacles and how to beat them, anyone who saw my last post will know that they're slightly different:

STAGE 1 || 0:37 || Mouse Stage

Mouse Avoider - A simple mouse avoider, simply roll over the start, and make your way to the exit.

Ball Grabber - 3 balls will fire in your direction, keep them from going out-side of the game, or you will lose. Lead them into the opposite box by dragging them.

Switch Hitter - A mouse avoider with 3 obstacles including a wall blocking you from getting to the exit. Hit the 3 darker squares (switches) to unblock the exit.

Balance Tunnel - A moving mouse avoider, probably the easiest part. Simply hurry from the start to the exit before the tunnel moves.

Pulse Catcher - Roll over the 3 squares, slightly more tedious and difficult since the squares randomly change directions.

Final Drag - Drag the arrow downwards to bring the box holding the exit towards you, then go through the small, narrow gap to reach it.

STAGE 2 || 0:52 || Keyboard Stage

Triangle Smasher - 3 triangles will fly on screen, when they are inside a box, press the corresponding arrow key.

Speed Control - Use the arrow keys to move a ball through a course, the ball gets faster each time you press a key. Whilst you want to be slow to have a better chance of clearing this level, you want to be fast to save time.

Leaper - Press space to initiate the level. The character (Bob) will start moving, press LEFT to slow him down and RIGHT to speed him up, and UP to jump, use your timing and control to clear this level quickly.

Timer - The arrow will move up and down, press space and time it right, the arrow will stop and move to the right, if it hits anything, you lose, if it reaches the end, you win.

Ping Pong - 3 balls will fall from the top, hit all 3 of them to win.

Speed Timer- An arrow will rotate, press space to fire it, aim for a green V shaped object, if you miss it, you lose.

Speed Leaper- 3 blocks will come towards you, press up to jump and double-jump, use these to get past all 3 and defeat stage 2.


Anyway, good luck, and go here to view the scores:

http://www.topaz-games.com/score.php?i d=11